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Tips For Improving Your English: "Keep It Fun!"

Success in any language essentially comes down to two things:

Consistency + time = Success

If you do something regularly for a long period of time, you chances of success are very high. It is a simple equation, but people often find it hard to execute because of issues and difficulties staying motivated. Motivation is our reason for taking action. Strong reasons provide strong motivation. For example, someone whose survival depends on learning a skill with have strong motivation and will learn that skill very well. However, unless someone is pushed by the need to survive, motivation sways and often disappears. This is why many people fail at dieting and losing weight. There is however, something else that gives us constant and strong motivation. FUN! If you truly enjoy something, you don’t need discipline or diligence to continue doing it.

For example, imagine that you just spent four hours at your computer writing an important report for school or work. I’d imagine that most would be tired, sore and not looking forward to spending another minute at the computer.

What if on the other hand, instead of writing that report you spent that time playing your absolute favorite game? In that case, four hours might not be enough for you!

Alright, so the next issue is…how do we make studying English fun? Well since fun is subjective, I can only give suggestions but ultimately you will have to decide what is right for you.

Here are some things that you might be able to find fun.

-YouTube: short clips with subtitles or scripts.

-Podcasts: Find podcasts that you are interested in and listen to them on your commute.

-Games: Computer games and board games can help with communication

-Join a hobby club: There groups for all kinds of hobbies (such as photography, food, trekking etc.)that meet up weekly

-Comic books: A great way to learn natural conversation

- Music: Particularly music with clear lyrics. The faster the music is, the harder it will be to learn from.

There are many more, but the key is that you enjoy it and do it consistently. Also, if it starts getting boring or hard, change it up right away. Use your imagination and you’ll never have problems keeping it fun!

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